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Time for music on Ward 17!

2021-04-19T16:11:28+01:00Monday 19 April 2021|
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Patients on Ward 17 of Walsall Manor Hospital are enjoying the little things that make a difference to their stay thanks to the trust’s Well Wishers charity.

Ward staff have been able to purchase some radios and clocks for the ward from charity funds.

Radios have been placed in different bays and rooms so everyone has access to one.

Patient, Rose Page said:

“It is really lovely to have some music in the background”.

Patient Patricia Daker added: “It’s beautiful to have some music; we can have a little dance”.

Clinical Support Worker Denise Cook said:

“The radios have really boosted morale for both patients and staff. It also helps block out external noises which can make patients more comfortable”.

Denise explained:

“People may not realise the significance of clocks but when patients are staying on a ward, they like to know what time it is especially if they are in a side room because not everyone has watches or phones. So it’s been really nice to be able to buy these from the Well Wishers fund. “

Fundraising Manager Georgie Westley said:

“Well Wishers helps support purchases of all sizes and it’s just as important to help fund simpler items too as they make a bigger impact than people may think.

“Buying radios and clocks with funds raised is going to improve patient experience for all those staying with us now and in the future. Well done to ward 17 for working to improve things for patients.”

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