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A new guide for parents and carers concerned about the radicalisation of young people has been developed by Walsall Prevent Programme.

Radicalisation is a process by which individuals, often young people, move from supporting moderate mainstream views, to supporting extreme ideological views.

It makes those at risk more likely to support terrorism and violent acts of extremism, and possibly even commit such criminal acts themselves.

Extremist groups use the internet and social media to spread their ideology and recruit vulnerable young people. They know young people are using the internet much more, quite often by themselves, and utilise these opportunities to exploit and recruit. There is a chance that your child may meet people online or visit websites that could lead them to adopting what is considered extreme views and become radicalised.

The reasons for young people being drawn into extremist views are many and varied but may include the following:

  • They are trying to make sense of world events
  • They feel that their culture or religion is under threat
  • It makes them feel a sense of identity or belonging or being part of something
  • They are looking for adventure or excitement
  • They have a personal grievance or experience of racism or discrimination and feel they want to change things
  • They are under pressure from their peers who have links with these groups

The guide provides relevant and useful information around the dangers of radicalisation directed towards the parents and carers of children and young people.

The information sheet contains the following information:

  • Overview of radicalisation
  • Why do people become radicalised?
  • How are young people radicalised?
  • How can parents keep young people safe?
  • Tacking the issue: a step by step guide
  • Where else can I find support?
  • What can I do if I have a concern?

A Prevent spokesperson said:

“Over the past few years the Prevent team within the local authority has tried to provide as much information as possible that will help to support colleagues – especially in schools – with information that will assist when dealing with any Prevent related matter that may present itself from time to time.

“Such information includes, a ‘Prevent Guidance for Schools Handbook’, ‘Referral Flowchart’, monthly newsletters and other resources/strategic documents. However, there has always been a need for Prevent guidance for Parents and Carers.

“The Walsall Prevent Programme – A Guide for Parents and Carers provides relevant and useful information around the dangers of radicalisation and something that is clearly directed towards the parents and carers of children and young people. “

To read this guide and to see what support is available click here.

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