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CliPP has launched!

2021-02-08T11:39:06+00:00Monday 8 February 2021|
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Walsall Healthcare NHS students have been  experiencing new methods of teaching with the launch of CLiPP.

CLiPP stands for Collaborative Learning in Practice. It originated in Amsterdam and is closely linked to the NMC standards (2018) and the new Practice Supervisor and Assessor roles.

It is a clinical learning programme which focuses on coaching methods to enhance student experience, job satisfaction and patient care.

It is distinct from the traditional mentorship model in both the way practice learning is organised and in the philosophy that underpins how students learn. It has been successfully trialled and implemented at Plymouth University and with healthcare students in the South West.

Collaborative Learning in Practice is based on a concept of coaching small groups of students working together and learning together where the focus is developing student’s confidence and performance.

The model moves away from previous concepts of one-to-one mentors in favour of a more “team” approach.

For example, CLiPP works by designating one to two learning bays and four learners in a bay (a variety of year groups). Then a registered member of staff (practice supervisor) oversees this and is accountable for the care delivered by the learners.

There are many benefits to CLiPP such as:

  • Partnership working improved between practice and educational environments
  • Supports Inter professional approaches to care
  • Students rapidly develop self-esteem and ability to deal with and resolve problems as a result of coaching
  • Students take responsibility for their learning and are more satisfied with their clinical practice
  • Increased student capacity
  • Increased job satisfaction, staff recruitment and retention
  • Increased preparedness for registrant practice

It is currently being trialled on wards 2,7 and 11 and will be based around nursing students. After the trial FORCE is looking to expand this training methodology to other areas and is working with Allied Health Professionals to implement with AHP students to develop a multi-professional model.

Here’s what some our students and staff had to say:

  • First Year student – “Today is my first day of placement. Had it have not been run using CLIPP I wouldn’t have gained as much confidence as I would have just observed”
  • First Year student – “I think CLiPP is brilliant! I hope it continues and has really helped my first day on the ward”
  • First Year student – “CLiPP is great! I really didn’t think I would get to practise my clinical skills today. I have been able to take manual blood pressure thanks to CLIPP. I’m really pleased”
  • CLiPP ward manager – “CLiPP is a great idea. Third Years get to have a go at managing a bay whilst having a support network from a supervisor”
  • Ward 2 staff – “Previously students have felt nervous because of the demands caused by the outbreak. CLiPP is a great way to encourage confidence and give a reassurance of support in these challenging times”

Director of Nursing Ann-Marie Riley said:

“It is incredibly exciting to see the CLiPP programme launch here at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust.

“This innovative approach supports the development of enhanced learning environments utilising a coaching style model to support learners in the workplace. It was a privilege to witness the feedback from day one and see first-hand the positive experience of students, staff and patients.”

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