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Diabetic foot care service

2021-01-06T15:16:10+00:00Wednesday 6 January 2021|
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Walsall residents are being reminded that the diabetic foot care service at Walsall Manor Hospital is still running as normal during the lockdown period.

The diabetic foot team based on route 004 is still running its service with infection prevention control measures in place and has been throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. The team is urging patients to still attend appointments (as per Government advice) and for GPs to send referrals as usual.

Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist, Lindsey Phillips explained that it is incredibly important to continue to treat diabetic foot problems to prevent hospital admissions and amputations from occurring.

As well as patients already accessing diabetic foot care, Walsall residents who have diabetes in particular are being advised to keep an eye on their feet and to report any unusual changes to their GP.

Lindsey added: “At the first sign of any foot problems such as open wounds, weeping, redness, swelling or any unusual changes in your feet please make sure you go and see your doctor or your practice nurse as soon as possible to get a referral to the diabetic foot team. The quicker we see you the better.”

For some tips on how to look after your feet if you have diabetes please click here:

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