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Invaluable AHPs take centre stage

2020-10-14T08:52:47+01:00Wednesday 14 October 2020|
  • Allied Health Professionals at Walsall Healthcare

They are involved in the head to toe care of patients of all ages across Walsall and the role of Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) – and the invaluable contribution they have made during the Covid-19 pandemic –is taking centre stage today.

 National AHP Day falls on Wednesday 14 October and Walsall Healthcare is among those highlighting the significant efforts of colleagues who help to transform health, care and wellbeing on a daily basis in the borough.

 Megan Parr, Practice Education Facilitator for Allied Health Professions, said: “It has certainly been a memorable 12 months for our AHPs, many of whom have been redeployed across Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust to offer support where needed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The remit of Allied Health Professions can often feel overlooked because it’s not a doctor or nurse but I think the pandemic has actually helped to raise awareness of how important their impact is on patient outcomes and how each professions unique skill set enhance a holistic approach to healthcare.

“I have also been extremely proud of our AHPs who have found themselves in different areas and roles over the last few months. They have, understandably, been nervous about going into the unknown as there was so little known about the virus in its early days. But they have shown their versatility, a willingness to help wherever needed and a real teamwork ethic towards other colleagues. Many have also enhanced their skills even further which will benefit the patients and families they support.”

Megan added that to acknowledge the contribution of AHPs and raise awareness of the role a special booklet was being produced to capture some of their stories during the pandemic and beyond. Others have recorded short films. Among those featured are:

Ranjit Rana, Speech and Language Therapist

“The experience of working through the pandemic has aided my skills and knowledge in areas that I had not worked in many years, such as stroke and dysphagia. I’ve always genuinely loved my job but never have I been more proud to be an AHP that’s part of the NHS.”

Nina Kemper, Community podiatrist

In March 2020 as the whole country came to a stop and the comforts of everyday norms were restricted as a way of stopping the spread of Covid 19 my life as a community podiatrist suddenly changed too as I was redeployed to the hospital.

“The experience I gained and the skills I learnt whilst at the Manor during this time were truly inspiring and some time I will reflect back with pride and admiration for the team and the patients I had the honour to meet.”


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