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If in doubt, give us a shout

2020-07-15T11:50:15+01:00Wednesday 15 July 2020|
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Pregnant women who experience pain, bleeding or can’t feel their baby moving are being urged to make sure they seek help urgently and contact Maternity Services at Walsall Manor Hospital as soon as they start having concerns.

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust Maternity Inpatient Matron Carol Hollington said :

“We know things are a bit different at the moment as we work through the Covid-19 pandemic and pregnant women are anxious about coming into hospital but we can’t stress how important it is that they get in touch with us if they start having problems – or if they are in early stages of labour.

“One woman actually said to the midwives that she hadn’t wanted to bother them. We really want to reassure our mums-to-be that we’re here for them and they can talk to us 24/7. If they are in pain, feeling unwell, have bleeding or reduced fetal movements they should contact us because if they put off raising these concerns it could lead to some unwanted consequences.

“We’re also reiterating how important it is for women in labour to contact us without delay. Your birth partner can accompany you to the maternity triage unit  where we can advise them where to wait for you  whilst you  are seen and assessed  by the maternity team. Once assessed,  if you need to be admitted to the delivery suite  for example when you are in you are in active labour you and your partner will be invited onto the delivery suite together”.

Women who have any concerns regarding being unwell, reduction in their baby’s movements, bleeding or pain at any time should contact

Triage: 01922 656967

Delivery suite: 01922 656246

A Maternity Advice Line has also been set up if women need to speak with a midwife for general advice and are unable to contact their Community Midwife.

This line is open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and women should contact 01922 605426.

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