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Over the rainbow and into our charity

2020-05-17T19:32:29+01:00Sunday 17 May 2020|

Colourful crocheted rainbows are being made by a Walsall Healthcare staff member whose handiwork  is raising money for charity at the same time.

Charlotte Jones is an administrator for the Integrated Community Equipment Service based at Electrium Point in Willenhall. The service helps prevent hospital admission and supports patient discharges from bed-based services where possible.

Charlotte initially decided to make a rainbow to hang in her window to show love and support for NHS colleagues but her eye-catching creation caught many an eye.

She said: “I took a photograph and showed work colleagues who asked if I would be able to make one for them also.

“Two weeks later I had an order for 11 rainbows and managed to make them in one weekend. I’ve also completed an NHS Bear. My total number of rainbows made within the last four weeks is 25 and the orders are still coming!

Mother-of-one Charlotte is juggling her crocheting with work and has raised £130 so far which she is handing over to Walsall Healthcare’s Well Wishers charity which raises money for items above and beyond what the NHS is able to provide..

She added: “I’m completely overwhelmed at how popular they have become and enjoy making them – the more the merrier!”

Trust Fundraising manager Georgie Westley thanked Charlotte for her hard work. She said: “She’s putting her talent to good use to benefit others and the charity is extremely grateful for her support.”

Donations to our Well Wishers charity can also be made via our COVID-19 Just Giving link here This means that we can raise money for something to mark the end of the pandemic. We don’t know what that might be yet – it could be a staff recognition or celebration event, it could be a feature in the hospital or its grounds. We will ask staff to tell us what they would most appreciate when they have the time to stop and reflect.


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