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Jonathan’s thanks for his Walsall NHS heroes

2020-05-05T17:37:11+01:00Tuesday 5 May 2020|

Now he’s sitting up in bed and delighting everyone with his smile it’s hard to believe that Jonathan Wint was in Walsall Manor Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit for 28 days – many of those on a ventilator.

“I know now that I was so ill there were many times when staff didn’t think I’d make it,” explains the 47-year-old.

“But I’ve been on Ward 17 since the middle of April and am looking forward to going home, all thanks to the fantastic staff here who have saved my life and got me to where I am today. They have been amazing, truly amazing.”

Jonathan, a traffic officer for Highways England, had initially suffered a mild cough for a couple of days and collapsed on his bed. He tried to carry on as normal, getting up for work, but collapsed in the shower.

“My partner called an ambulance and it turned out my oxygen was very low and I was brought into hospital,” said the Bilston grandfather. “ But to be honest I really don’t remember much after that and only know how bad things were now I’ve started to recover and have been catching up on that lost time. They really didn’t think I would survive but it’s because of their care that I have.

“I’m now working with physios and can walk and know that I’ll be going home as soon as I can. It’s all thanks to the staff in ICU and now on this Ward 17.

“I have diabetes and raised blood pressure but at my age I didn’t imagine ever becoming so ill. This virus can literally bring people to death’s door while others only seem to have mild or no symptoms. I know it’s made me re-evaluate my life and appreciate how precious it is.”

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