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COVID-19 survivor Patricia’s story

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“I’m looking forward to being able to spend time with my family again – and getting back to playing golf!”

Great Wyrley grandmother Patricia Redpath is recovering at home after contracting COVID-19 and spending just under three weeks in hospital, including a few days in the Intensive Care Unit.

“When I went into ICU the staff looked me in the eyes and told me just how ill I was; but I felt safe, I knew I was in capable hands and I knew they would do their absolute best for me – and they did,” explains Patricia, aged 63.

She became ill last month.

“I remember watching the rugby but I started to feel out of sorts,” she explained. “I developed a temperature which was 38.4 when my husband Tam first checked it but did get as high as 40.2. I self-isolated, following the guidance, taking paracetamol and drinking plenty but I didn’t feel any better.”

Over the next 24 hours Patricia, who used to work in critical care in Walsall and the Heart and Lung Centre at New Cross Hospital, became very short of breath and Tam sent for an ambulance.

“I came into A&E on 20 March and went on to Ward 29 where I became really unwell and uncomfortable but a young nurse who was doing a Bank shift was fantastic and made the call that I needed to go elsewhere. That’s when I was moved to ICU.

“I knew I needed to be there – it was the right place and the staff were absolutely marvellous. I didn’t actually feel scared because I trusted the staff to take care of me. It was probably more frightening for my husband because ICU had to speak to him about how seriously ill I was.”

After four days on non-invasive CPAP, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, Patricia’s health improved and she was able to go on to Ward 2 for the rest of her recovery, where she describes staff as “wonderful.”

She is now back at home, isolating from her husband Tam, but looking forward to the future.

“I don’t have any underlying health conditions and am fit and healthy but this virus doesn’t discriminate,” she said. “I’m looking forward to being able to spend time with my family again because I miss them. And I want to get back to playing golf!

“The news is full of really depressing things so I’d like to think my story and other patients’ survival stories will help give people hope as well as let NHS staff know their care has been invaluable. I really must thank all the wonderful NHS staff who are doing an amazing job and for saving my life. For me it has been a very humbling experience.”

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