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COVID-19 – Your questions answered

2020-03-13T17:44:57+00:00Friday 13 March 2020|
  • Outside of Walsall Manor Hospital

People have been asking questions about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) so we have collated the most frequently asked ones at this time with responses here:


Is it still safe to come to hospital?

If you have no symptoms – which Public Health England classes as a new, continuous cough and a high temperature – you are safe to come to hospital for your outpatient appointments, scans or emergency treatment.  We have restricted visiting times currently and are reminding people to wash their hands well when they arrive at and leave the hospital.

 The trust has two patients with COVID-19 (coronavirus) on an inpatient ward. Is this a risk to my relative who is in hospital?

 The patients are being nursed in isolation on one ward and the trust is following national guidelines to prevent the spread of this virus – protecting patients, visitors and our own staff. We are working closely with our health partners to reassure everyone and to stress the importance of hand hygiene and the use of protective equipment. We are well prepared and are following our robust infection, prevention and control procedures in conjunction with our partners.

Why don’t you name the affected patients so we can advise if we’ve been in contact with them?

We must respect patient confidentiality. We work closely with affected patients’ families and other contacts to trace anyone who might have had close (face to face) contact with the patients who have tested positive for COVID-19. This will be undertaken in partnership with the trust and the Public Health England within the West Midlands. You will be contacted by Public Health England if there is any concern – you do not need to ring the hospital.

I’m a member of staff – should I still come into work?

 If you have no symptoms and have not been in contact with anyone with the virus you should come into work.

I’ve just returned to the UK from abroad. Am I OK to attend my appointment?

Please see the advice on

There are so many rumours and scare stories. Which advice is best?

 Please get your information from a reputable source, which is Public Health England.

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