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Well Wishers provides the best medicine for young patients

2019-07-23T18:05:23+01:00Tuesday 23 July 2019|
  • sienna

Young patients are finding music, dance and games are the best medicine thanks to fundraisers who have helped buy a new system to brighten up the waiting room on the Paediatric Assessment Unit at Walsall Manor Hospital.

While they’re waiting young patients are having their minds taken off their illnesses via images projected on to the floor. And with more than 80 different programmes they can be in the middle of Star Wars one minute or playing with sea creatures the next.

The popular distraction has been funded through donations made to Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust’s Well Wishers charity – many of which have come via book sales at the Purple Hub in the outpatients corridor.

Ten-year-old Sienna Trappett had a whale of a time while she was awaiting test results.

“I like the Star Wars bubble game the best,” she said.

But staff are equally mesmerised.

Caroline Whyte, Divisional Director of Nursing – Children, Young People and Neonates, said: “It’s really tempting to join in when you hear the squeals of delight and giggles coming from the children and young people in the waiting room. We’re extremely grateful to Well Wishers for all the money raised by supporters.”


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