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Emma’s praise for supportive colleagues

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  • TNA Emma on Ward 21

We’re sharing stories from some of our successful Trainee Nursing Associates who have now graduated.


My colleagues have been really supportive and that means a lot.”

When she heard about the Trainee Nursing Associate (TNA) pilot Healthcare Assistant Emma Whitehouse did wonder if she could “get my head round all the academic stuff.”

“It did make me stop and think because I missed a big chunk of school when I was younger as I had leukaemia and I was worried about going to university. But I’m relieved I didn’t let the worry of getting my head round all the academic stuff put me off because now look at me!”

Emma has been working in Paediatrics and on Ward 21 at the Walsall Manor Hospital and is thrilled that she will stay there after qualifying.

“Both the Paediatric Assessment Unit and Ward 21 have been really supportive during my training and that means a lot,” said the 25 -year-old.

“I love working with the babies and children and their families. I think that because I was ill when I was younger I can understand what they’re feeling and what they’re scared of as I saw how it affected my mum and the rest of my family. But children are so resilient; they can surprise you by bouncing back after some awful illnesses.

“I would tell anyone else considering becoming a TNA to go for it. There are some hard times when you’ve got assessments to prepare for and you’ve had a busy shift at work but you know it’s just for a couple of years which doesn’t seem too long when you think about it in terms of your future career.  I’m really happy to be staying on Ward 21 and in future I’d like to look at working with children with more complex needs as I think that’s really interesting.”

In her spare time Emma enjoys tending her small allotment and she’s known among her team for her love of cooking, regularly bringing in tasty meals such as a home-made curry for her night shift colleagues.

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