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Well Wishers provides a new set of wheels

2019-03-09T12:52:24+00:00Saturday 9 March 2019|
  • Fundraising manager with scooter drivers

Patients with mobility issues will be able to hitch a ride around Walsall Manor Hospital thanks to the generosity of fundraisers.

Walsall Healthcare’s Well Wishers charity has spent £6,600 on a new scooter to help transport patients to and from their appointments, treatment and tests; doubling scooter provision.

Fundraising Manager Georgie Westley explained that money had been raised from the proceeds of books, DVDs, handmade cards and jigsaw sales through the Purple Hub in the Outpatients Corridor.

“The proceeds from these items, on sale every day, really add up,” she said.

“We have a lovely rapport with patients, visitors and staff who regularly pop in to donate items to be sold or to give us items that we can use in raffles at our events. It’s thanks to the money raised through the Purple Hub that we’ve been able to enhance community services and contribute towards improvements in the hospital.”

Georgie said the decision to buy a scooter, which is driven by volunteers, was made so that patients with mobility issues could be given some extra help.

“The scooter drivers have told us they’ve had lots of calls for lifts and we’re thrilled that the new scooter, which looks fabulous with its Well Wishers stickers on it,  is proving so popular.”

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