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Extending support for Walsall patients and families

2018-12-31T14:15:56+00:00Monday 31 December 2018|
  • Outside of Walsall Manor Hospital

A new emergency on-call service to provide support for patients and their families will be launched tomorrow, Tuesday 1 January, through Walsall Healthcare’s Chaplaincy – Spiritual Care Team.

The service is aimed at those in special need – such as a seriously ill or dying patient, a deceased patient, bereaved patient, family member of carer, those who have experienced a baby loss, those involved in a major incident and distressed patients and their family member or carer.

This support will also cater for minority faith communities and extends to:

Christian (Church of England and all Christian denominations)

Roman Catholic



Jehovah’s Witness



Lead Chaplain, Alison Coles, said: “The service will be 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and to reflect the breadth of spiritual, pastoral and religious support offered by our multi-faith team of chaplains we are also changing our name to Chaplaincy – Spiritual Care Team, adding the strapline “Always here for you.”

“We have wanted to provide an on-call service for a while as we recognise the importance of such a provision within a 24 hour organisation. And we were keen to try and clarify the range of support that the service offers; it’s a common misconception that we’re only here to support those who have a faith. We’re here for everyone at their time of need to offer whatever support they need.

“Sometimes patients have no close friends or family they can call on and in some cases people want to talk to someone who isn’t a member of their family as they find it easier to share their thoughts and feelings.”

Emergency support for Hindus and Jehovah’s Witnesses is provided by members of their respective communities and for Humanist, Muslim and Sikh by a voluntary bank of chaplains. These Chaplains have other community responsibilities but will endeavour to attend as soon as possible.

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