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Colette closes Self Care Week

2018-11-18T15:53:59+00:00Sunday 18 November 2018|
  • Colette who has written a blog

We’re bringing Self Care Week 2018 to a close with blogger Colette’s final contribution. The eighth day of the Self Care Challenge is once again all about looking after ourselves so that we can better manage our health and wellbeing.

Day 8

Cook a healthy meal

Drink 4 glasses of water

Meditate or do some relaxation

The satisfaction of making something from scratch can’t be underestimated plus a healthy meal means a healthier body and mind. This also encourages us to study those labels and food packaging to check we aren’t eating stuff too high in fats, salt or sugar.

We all know we should stay hydrated but I wonder how many of us actually drinks a sufficient amount? Let’s start by having 4 glasses of water and build on that. Everyone can manage 4 a day.

I’ve touched on the importance of looking after ourselves by carving out some me time that doesn’t revolve around pain or symptoms and meditation and relaxation really fits the bill. Put on some soothing music and let your mind wander.  In our heads we can be on that beach in the Bahamas in no time! Again, this can help us enjoy better quality sleep which can have a positive impact on our health.

I hope you’ve found my blog useful this National Self Care Week and feel inspired to start your own Self Care Challenge. I’d also love to see you give our Self Care Management Programme courses a go.

Look after yourselves.


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