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Focusing on Self Care Week in Walsall

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Support for Walsall people who find the best way to manage their long term health conditions will be showcased during this year’s national Self Care Week.

Taking the theme: “Choose self care for life” the awareness week is focusing on embedding support for self care across communities, families and generations so that people can make improvements to protect their physical health and mental wellbeing. It runs from 12-18 November.

In Walsall, residents will be able to find out more about the Self Care Management Programmes run through Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust as well as read a blog from someone managing their long term health conditions.

Jo Hannigan, Business Support Manager for Self Care Management Programmes said: “Self Care is about prioritising your physical health and mental wellbeing and following what may only be a few small steps to start with to help you make the most of your life”.

“We run Self Care courses that focus on:

  • Enabling people to feel confident and in control of their life
  • Helping them manage their condition and its treatment in partnership with healthcare professionals
  • Giving them confidence and skills to communicate effectively with professionals and be willing to share responsibility for treatment
  • Supporting them to be realistic about how their condition affects them and their family
  • Putting their skills and knowledge to good use so they can lead a full life

“One comment made by a participant was: “The Self Care Management Course is a must for people in similar situations as myself.  It gave me confidence to apply for jobs and indeed get back into work.  Thank you so very much for your help.”

“People can become their own experts at understanding and managing their conditions and we hope that by reading the blog it will help and support others to develop their skills in this area.

“Another important aspect of Self Care Week is to remind people that it’s okay to ask for help or admit that they’re struggling. People with any kind of long term condition will know that there are good days and bad days.”

Jo and volunteers will be in the Saddlers Centre tomorrow ( Tuesday 13 November) from 10.30am until 2.30pm and in the main atrium of Walsall Manor Hospital on Thursday 15 November from 10am-3pm.

For more information contact the Self Care Management Team on 01922 605490 or email

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