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Raising awareness of debilitating disorder in Walsall

2018-09-26T11:30:23+01:00Monday 17 September 2018|
  • Balance Awareness Week

Audiologists will be raising awareness of balance problems next week and offering a wealth of information to Walsall people who either suffer from this disorder or want to try and prevent it.

Balance Awareness Week runs until 22 September and as part of the focus, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust audiologists will host a stand in the Main Atrium at Walsall Manor Hospital from 9.30am-12noon this Wednesday 19 September.

Specialist Audiologist Julie Lathe said: “We take our ability to balance for granted and don’t really think about how we manage to stay upright until something goes wrong.

“Yet 40% of people over the age of 40 will experience symptoms of dizziness and/or imbalance at some time. With impaired balance, everyday activities such as walking on uneven ground, moving from the pavement on to grass, getting out of bed during the night, working at a computer, doing the weekly shop or even bending down to tie your shoelaces can all be extremely difficult and sometimes dangerous.”

Colleague Claire Grice explained: “Symptoms that accompany impaired balance can be truly debilitating and can include dizziness, vertigo, hearing and sight problems, and difficulty with concentration and memory. People who suffer with balance problems are also at increased risk of falling.”

People are being urged to come and visit audiologists on their stand on Wednesday to find out about:

  • How we balance
  • What happens when our balance system goes wrong
  • Information on common balance disorders
  • Where, how and when to get help
  • How to maintain a healthy balance system

Specialist Audiologist Amanda Collins added: “There will also be an opportunity to put your balance to the test using the Wii Fit console and demonstrations of exercises you can do to maintain healthy balance.

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