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Volunteer Alan wants to help others

2018-09-26T11:30:04+01:00Sunday 9 September 2018|
  • Alan Bell Volunteer

League of Friends volunteer Alan Bell has very recently made the decision to become an organ donor.

Alan, who volunteers for the Host and Hostess service that greets visitors to Walsall Manor Hospital, had a discussion with his wife Dorothy who had already signed up.

“The thought came to me when I went to Sandwell Valley – all that peace and quiet got me thinking about what I could do to help other people,” he explained.

“When I’m gone it makes sense to me that if someone else can benefit from my organs or tissue then they should be able to. It’s a light hearted thing to say I know but my organs are no use to me once I’ve passed away!”

Alan, who has been a volunteer with Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust for 12 years, said he had also tried to have a conversation with his son and daughter.

“It’s probably more difficult for the younger generation to talk about this as when you’re young you feel like you’re going to live forever and take your health for granted,” added the grandfather, who lives in Aldridge.

“I think it would be a good idea if we ran an opt out system for organ donation and I hope plans to change the rules on organ donation consent in England do go ahead.”

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