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Supporting Walsall’s young people

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Young people who are going into or leaving care are being given a helping hand by staff in Walsall Healthcare’s Looked After Children and Safeguarding Team.

Donna Smith, Named Nurse for Looked After Children, explained that there are approximately 750 children and young people that fall under the responsibility of Walsall across the UK. Some young people live in supported accommodation and are managing on a limited budget.

She said: “Imagine being 16 years plus and receiving around £50 a week that needs to cover all of your costs including clothing or food – it’s a real challenge for young people who are also dealing with other issues.”

“Within the team we try to provide hygiene packs for these young people which contain soap, toothpaste, a toothbrush, condoms and make-up sponges or socks.  They may seem like basic items but It’s so important for their self-esteem and well-being and tend to be the items that they go without if money is tight.”

Donna and her colleagues appeal to local businesses and organisations for donations whenever possible and try and increase funding opportunities.

“If we can we like to put some pampering items in the bags too such as face packs and body sprays as an extra treat but we are dependent on the funds to do so,” she added. “If anyone wants to help support us with cash or donations that would be fantastic.”

Can you help? Please contact The Safeguarding and Looked After Children Team 01922 602318.

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