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Patients will be handled with care thanks to new transfer aids

2018-09-06T20:39:40+01:00Tuesday 7 August 2018|

The moving and handling of unconscious patients is a regular task for our workforce, which if done incorrectly, can be strenuous and can inadvertently lead to injuries for both staff and patients.

But thanks to equipment supplier Hospital Direct, the moving of patients from the trolley to the operating table – from their back and onto their stomach – will now be smoother and safer for all involved.

As the first Trust in the West Midlands to use the innovative sliding mats and straps, Walsall Healthcare’s Theatres team will be able to control the movement of patients during a transfer so that staff aren’t twisting and overstretching while positioning the patient for surgery. And in addition to protected wrists and backs, the patients will be supported so that they do not suffer any additional harm on top of an existing injury.

After finding out about the benefits this equipment would offer to our staff, Manual Handling Trainer Joanna Barker and Practice Development Nurse Lisa Griffiths arranged a number of sessions earlier this year which enabled staff to test the ‘ProTurn’ equipment and feedback on their thoughts, and as such, there was a clear enthusiasm from staff on across all levels to implement the mats as part of the everyday transfer processes.

Cherry Shakespeare, Team Leader for Orthopaedics, said: “This equipment will remove a lot of the stress that came with moving patients and will be a lot better for our backs!”

Joanna added: “It will certainly reduce musculoskeletal injuries in staff and the risk of nerve/tissue damage in patients.

“It will significantly improve everyone’s experience – It’s a win-win!”

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