Specialist Therapy Services

Our occupational therapy teams work in partnership with patients to enable them to be as comfortable and productive as possible, and live as independently as possible with a sense of control, maximizing their functional independence and quality of life.

Teams operate in both hospital and community settings.

Hospital-based team

Occupational therapy is an integral part of the Walsall Manor Hospital Palliative Care Team. They see adults within the hospital setting who may be experiencing changes or difficulties as a result of their diagnosis.

Their intervention is person-centred and their assessment will assist the patient to remain as independent as they are physically able. Patients may need psychological support with the changes they are facing. Patients are assisted to maximise their functional independence and quality of life.

Assessments may include:

  • A conversation about discharge planning, discussion about discharge destination
  • If the patient wishes to return home, a visit to the property may be necessary to support community living.
  • Practical strategies i.e. coping strategies, fatigue management, energy conservation, breathing techniques.
  • Assessment and prescription of equipment to assist independence/function.
  • Regular conversations with a multi-disciplinary team to ensure all services needed are in place for discharge
  • Referring onto external agencies for additional support/specialist services and advice
  • Referral to community Palliative Care Therapy team colleagues if further therapy is recommended post discharge.

Community-based team

The community Specialist Palliative Care Therapies team is based at the Walsall Palliative Care Centre. The team consists of a clinical lead, a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist and an assistant practitioner.

The team see adults with a palliative care diagnosis who are experiencing difficulties with the kind of everyday activities that most of us do without even thinking.

Goals of treatment are devised in partnership with patients and represent what is important to them.

The team’s input may include:

  • Practical strategies i.e. coping strategies; fatigue management and energy conservation techniques, as well as identification of strategies to promote independent transfers.
  • Prescription of exercises to improve mobility; prevent deterioration; reduce fatigue and improve exercise tolerance.
  • Assessment and prescription of equipment to support community living and mobility.
  • Assessment and treatment of joint muscle pain including advice regarding posture and seating positioning.
  • Assessment and treatment of breathing difficulties including breathlessness and sputum.
  • Assessment and prescription of adaptation work to enable optimum independence.
  • Regular review to take into account fluctuations in health and functional status.
  • Provision of advice to other health and social care providers regarding appropriate input and support.

The hospital service operates Monday to Tuesday 9am – 3.30pm, and Wednesday to Friday 8am – 4.15pm.

Community operating hours will be published here shortly.


Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust
Moat Road
West Midlands


Walsall Palliative Care Centre
Goscote Lane

01922 602630

Service lead

Sara Morley, Specialist Therapies Team Clinical Lead


The team accepts referrals from any healthcare professional. Self-referrals are also accepted if the patient is within the hospital setting.


Referrals are accepted by all professionals across sectors, for example, GP, district nurse, specialist nurse, social worker, hospital occupational therapist and consultant. Individuals may refer directly with a phone call to the Palliative Care Therapies Team but further medical information may be sought prior to referral acceptance.

Information and advice can be given over the phone and the team are happy to discuss any cases to identify if they are suitable for our service.