Specialist Complementary Therapy Service

Walsall’s Specialist Complementary Therapy Service offers patients with a diagnosis of cancer and those with palliative care needs a range of treatments which aim to ease the burden of their condition and improve their wellbeing.

The Complementary Therapy treatments offered can be used safely alongside conventional medicine but are not offered as an alternative treatment.

Patients often comment that our therapies have helped to ease their symptoms of stress and anxiety, while some report a reduction in pain, nausea and hormonal symptoms.

Our service offers the following range of Complementary Therapies:


The use of essential oils derived from plants which may be used within gentle massage, provision of  inhalation blends, lotion blends or diffusers.To promote health and well being of the body, mind and spirit.


A gentle massage can help to induce feelings of calm while also improving circulation, easing tension in muscles and reducing pain.


Based on the principle that there are points in the feet and hands that correspond to different parts of the body. Reflexology aims to reduce stress and tension through specific massage and application of gentle pressure to the feet or hands.

Hearts Process

A gentle relaxation process developed by Ann Carter. Hearts stands for: Hands on, Empathy, Aroma, Relaxation, Textures and Sound. It draws on a range of natural skills and sensory experiences to relax and calm.

Auricular Acupuncture

(Ear) Acupuncture – A branch of traditional Chinese medicine involving the insertion of acupuncture needles into the outer ear aiming to provide relief from a variety of symptoms.

Guided Relaxation Techniques

A range of empowering techniques to induce relaxation through progressive muscle relaxation, breathing techniques and guided imagery e.g techniques may involve describing a relaxing scene to you like a beach walk or walking though a forest.

Suitability and booking for these therapies is assessed and offered on an individual basis as appropriate.

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Office hours are 8.30am – 4.30pm Monday – Friday (except Bank holidays)
An answer machine is also available for you to leave a message out of hours.
Specialist Complementary Therapy Service
Walsall Palliative Care Centre
Goscote Lane

Service leads

Rachel Clark, Specialist Complementary Therapy Team Lead
Tel: 01922 602590
If you have a diagnosis of cancer or have palliative care needs and you feel you may benefit from Complementary therapies please speak to your key worker or any health professional involved in your care for a referral to be completed.
Our service is based at Walsall Palliative Care Centre where you can attend as an out patient. We also provide sessions on St Giles Walsall In Patient Unit and home visits are available in exceptional circumstances (i.e housebound patients)