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“Amazing” Midwives praised at Walsall home birth

2024-04-30T17:33:51+01:00Tuesday 30 April 2024|
  • Sharni with one of her Midwives and new baby daughter
  • Sharni and new baby
  • Dad Stephen with new baby daughter
  • Big sister Avery with her new baby sister

“Our home birth made my husband feel much more involved in this special experience.”

Sharni Yates gave birth to her second daughter Aneira, named in honour of the founder of the NHS Aneurin “Nye” Bevan, earlier this month, supported at her Bloxwich home by “amazing” Midwives.

Sharni’s eldest daughter Avery, now two, was born at Walsall Manor Hospital after the mum-to-be developed gestational diabetes.

“What impressed me was how Gill Harley, my Community Midwife, was so supportive and opened my eyes to all of my choices for Aneira’s birth,” said the secondary school teacher, 33.

“Avery’s birth had been straightforward, textbook really, although I developed gestational diabetes during my pregnancy. Originally, we talked about using the Midwifery-Led Unit, but when we discussed a home birth, I found myself really wanting to try this.

“I had a water birth at home and can honestly say it was a really nice, relaxing experience. I’d had very little pain relief with Avery just some paracetamol and gas and air but at home I was able to control the pain even more, just using water massage and a wave comb.

“My home environment really enabled me to labour peacefully and purposefully. I just felt I was listened to all the way through, and my husband said afterwards he just felt much more involved– possibly because we kept him busy with various tasks such as filling the pool and massaging my back! Both of my labours have been quick and not having to worry about arranging childcare and get to hospital really reassured me this time around!”

Sharni, whose husband Stephen is a software developer, credits the “amazing” Walsall Midwives for making this such a positive experience.

She said: “Even when there was a potential issue with the placenta, I felt the Midwives were very respectful of my wishes and were so calm in the way they raised this with their supervisor – we all decided they were in control of the situation and no transfer would be needed in line with my wishes. They were amazing and I’d really like Ceri-Ann Turner and Lucy Hancox to know how much I valued them. Ceri-Ann also came and did our discharge at home two weeks later which was lovely continuity of care.

“I’d also like to praise how patient-led and person-centred my care was – the Midwives emphasised all the way through they were my ‘cheerleaders’ and respected our home and decisions. My experience means I’d recommend a home birth to anyone who feels like it might be for them as it was one of the most magical and empowering moments of my life. “

Aneira was born on 7 April at 12.43am, weighing 6 pounds and 11 ounces. And Avery, who slept peacefully through the delivery, is proving to be the best big sister.

“She absolutely loves the baby and is really helpful,” said Sharni.

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