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TV star praises Walsall ED teams

2024-02-02T11:13:13+00:00Wednesday 31 January 2024|
  • Mum Danielle holding her young daughter Autumn.
  • Autumn does some colouring in the Paediatric Emergency Department.
  • The felt that was stuck up Autumn's nose.

Model mum Danielle Lloyd has praised the “friendly” team at Walsall Manor Hospital’s Paediatric Emergency Department after her young daughter needed help.

Little Autumn, aged two, became unwell on Monday this week and was later found to have a piece of felt from an arts and crafts pompom stuck up her nose.

TV personality Danielle, who is a former Miss England and Miss Great Britain, explained that Autumn was “really snotty” and had a funny smell coming from her face.

“I was worried it was maybe an ear infection and my husband Michael O’Neill and I brought her to the Urgent and Emergency Care Centre around 6.30pm on Monday,” said the mum of five, who lives in Little Aston.

“When we got to the hospital the receptionist was very friendly and dealt with us really quickly. Once we were in the waiting area for the children there was lots to do to keep her occupied like colouring. She also found a little cardboard sick bowl and thought it was funny to wear on her head!  She interacted with other children, and it was just a friendly atmosphere in the new centre.

“When we got to see Nurses they made me feel at ease and even blew bubbles at Autumn to settle her. It was a worrying time, but I can honestly say that the three Nurses who saw to Autumn made it so much easier and got the item out of her nose after just a few attempts.  They were lovely.“

Danielle, 40, added: “I am currently waiting to have an operation at the Manor Hospital and when I’ve been for my appointments the specialist was lovely and friendly, explained everything in depth and all my appointments have always been on time.  The hospital is very clean and I can’t fault any experience I’ve had there. I just wanted to say thank you to the teams as everyone works so hard and it’s not an easy job.”

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust’s charity Well Wishers has worked with teams to brighten up the new paediatric Emergency Department and provide distractions for young patients in the waiting area.


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