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Delightful donation for young diabetes patients

2023-09-06T11:04:15+01:00Wednesday 6 September 2023|

A kind-hearted businessman has donated mobiles to help Walsall children better manage their  diabetes.

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust’s Paediatric Diabetes Team appealed to its charity Well Wishers for some mobile phones as some families are not able to afford the technology needed for treatment.

Bevil Williams is the Chief Executive Officer at Repc Ltd which is a social enterprise that specialises in re-purposing IT equipment for reuse in communities across the UK.

He believes that everyone should have access to IT and the internet and to gain the benefits from doing so and was happy to step in and help.

Debbie McCausland, Diabetes Nurse Specialist said: “We are so grateful to Bevil for donating these mobiles for the children as it will make such a huge difference to their lives. We want people to know that these aren’t just mobiles, they are also medical devices for young people managing a condition – so they mean so much more.

“With diabetes there is a lot to manage and document. Technology has progressed which means the use of IT for treatment has quickly increased over the last few years. From things like insulin pumps, Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and hybrid close loops, technology is essential.

“For our young patients, this means that they and their families need to be able to access and use it in their day-to-day lives. Some of these families are unable to do so because they either can’t afford the equipment, don’t know how to use it or have no Wi-Fi.”

Beckie Wood, Paediatric Diabetes Nurse, added: “The difference it will make to the children and our team is incredible. We will now be able to help those from the most deprived backgrounds which means that no one will be missing out on the most advanced technology. Our team will also benefit as we can see instant access to data, view remotely and send reminders.”

Bevil said: “I feel delighted to have helped the Paediatric Diabetes Team. I am always happy to support, there is no question about it. I love what the hospital does. We have helped in previous years with the old hospital and during the pandemic. It is a privilege.”

When handing over the donations, he also got the chance to meet 17-year-old patient Ademaris Williams from Darlaston who is receiving one of the mobiles. He was touched at how much this would help her and after learning she was going to college and wanted to study graphic design, he also kindly offered to donate a laptop to her too.

Ademaris said: “I am really happy I get to have this mobile, it feels nice to have my own and will help me so much with managing my diabetes. And I am so grateful that Bevil has given me a laptop as I really needed one so that I can do college work at home. Thank you so much.”

Georgie Westley, Fundraising Manager explained: “Bevil has helped us countless times. I know myself and the Paediatric Diabetes Team are so thankful for his support.

“I am glad that he got to meet Ademaris as he was able to see firsthand how his actions positively impacted a patient. And it brought tears to my eyes when I saw Bevil offer a laptop right there on the spot upon meeting Ademaris, it shows what a genuinely kind man he is.”

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