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Tattooing service returns for breast cancer patients

2023-02-12T10:21:19+00:00Sunday 12 February 2023|
  • Jayne carries out the nipple tattooing service

A nipple tattooing service for breast cancer patients is now back up and running at Walsall Manor Hospital, after being paused during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The service was set up back in 2018, supported by Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust’s Well Wishers charity which funded training, and meant that patients no longer had to travel out of the borough for this treatment.

Practitioners tattoo the small area of skin around the nipple, called the areola, on to women who have had breast reconstructions.

Jayne Kanwar, Macmillan Breast Advanced Nurse Practitioner, was carrying out areola pigmentation up until Infection Prevention measures had to be introduced to minimise the risk of COVID-19 during the pandemic.

Clinics have now re-opened and the Well Wishers charity has funded training refreshers.

Jayne, who will be providing the service with Sarah Morris, Surgical Nurse Practitioner, said: “The mental and emotional wellbeing effect of this procedure – alongside the obvious aesthetic impact cannot be underestimated for those who have survived breast cancer and undergone reconstructive surgery.

“We were so proud to offer this service more locally for our patients and were so disappointed when we had to – understandably – close the clinics temporarily. We’re thrilled that we’re up and running again and want to thank Well Wishers for its support and funding. No price can be put on the effect this has on our patients.”

Georgie Westley, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust Fundraising Manager, said: “We appreciate how well received this service was and Well Wishers is here to help support above and beyond what the NHS is able to provide to enhance our patients’ experience.”

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