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Fair Oaks Day Hospice Jubilee Celebrations

2022-06-21T11:56:53+01:00Tuesday 21 June 2022|

Patients at Fair Oaks Day Hospice were treated like royalty during the platinum jubilee – with an appearance from HRH herself!

Thanks to funding from Walsall Healthcare’s Well Wishers charity, the day hospice was able to purchase decorations and other materials to hold a magnificent three day celebration for patients.

Nursing Associate Jane Painter was the main organiser of the event.

She said: “I enjoyed organising the days and it was great that patients and staff were able to contribute and enjoy themselves.

“I love to provide a service that makes our patients relax, be themselves, enjoy each other’s friendship and leave with a smile.

Over the three days patients took part in a royal-themed quiz and bingo activities and won traditional prizes such as a jubilee celebration spoon, tea caddy and a commemorative coin.

There was also a balloon arch with flags and bunting and a cardboard cut-out of the Queen who took centre stage at the celebrations.

For lunch, street party style food was served such as sausage rolls, coronation chicken sandwiches, pesto pasta, potato salad, chicken goujons, pork pie, pineapple and cheese on sticks and cocktail sausages followed by an afternoon cream tea whilst the coronation played in the background.

It was followed with crown making and pin the jewel on the queen’s crown.

On the final day, the decorations were passed to Goscote Hospice co-located in Walsall Palliative Care Centre for staff and patients to take part in the celebrations over the bank holidays. The patients’ rooms and corridors were decorated and the cardboard cut-out of the Queen made another appearance.

Jane said: “To hear the patients laugh or chuckle and discuss the jubilee using reminiscences through the quiz and bingo during the activities has been so enjoyable. This is so important due to the fact these patients all have a life-limiting illness and likely to be in the last 12 months of life; these celebrations are poignant.”

“The patients were thankful for a great day and really enjoyed the jubilee-related activities and how the rooms had been decorated to celebrate. Patients’ families were amazed and were thankful for the support we provided.

“Many staff located within the Palliative Care Centre also had a cheeky selfie with the Queen!”

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