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National Healthcare Estates and Facilities Day – a message from Ned Hobbs, Chief Operating Officer

2022-06-15T11:16:07+01:00Wednesday 15 June 2022|

Today, Wednesday June 15, is the first national ‘Estates and Facilities (E&F) Day. Hosted by Health Estates and Facilities Management Association (HEFMA), it is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate our incredible estates and facilities workforce.


The typical NHS staff member is often represented in photos/posters by those on the frontline (e.g. the nurse, the doctor, the physiotherapist or the midwife) but the reality is that they wouldn’t be able to deliver high-quality care without the dedication and commitment of E&F staff – much of which goes on behind the scenes, at times without the recognition they deserve. Through their efforts, they enable our clinical staff to carry out their work safely. They provide a clean and tidy environment with the right working equipment and facilities; they get our patients to and from departments and they ensure positive experiences by providing quality food, clean bedding and support in crisis situations (e.g. fire and security services).


On top of their duties, they’re often a listening ear (speaking to patients on wards or in hospital corridors) and they contribute towards the welcoming and friendly atmosphere in the Trust. And despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the staff have responded valiantly and have ensured our sites continue to be places we can be proud of. I’d like to thank all the E&F services for their efforts and for implementing many changes during the pandemic at great speed (from the intensive cleaning, to management of PPE waste and management of equipment needed in COVID-19 areas – to name but a few). I was privileged to spend a Twilight shift with our deep clean housekeeping team and to spend a morning shadowing our porters, and I know how hard colleagues work to keep the environment safe for our patients and our staff.

Today, as part of this important campaign, we will be giving the public an insight into E&F services here at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust. Keep a look out on social media as we shine the spotlight on some inspirational staff members.

I am extremely proud of the work of our E&F services and would like to say thank you for all you do, each and every day.”

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