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Twin sky dive for Well Wishers

2022-06-14T11:56:30+01:00Tuesday 14 June 2022|

A pair of intrepid staff members from Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust are out to prove they have a head for heights by attempting a sky dive for Well Wishers charity.

Ward 7 Clinical Support Workers Sarah Want and Emma Haldron will be strapped to parachutes before leaping from a plane at 14,000 feet, flying at speeds of up to 120 mph.

The jump, which takes place on 9 July in Langar Airfield, Nottingham, with specialist company Skydive Langar, will take around 30 minutes and the pair are aiming to raise £900 between them for the charity.

Sarah, 27, of Short Heath, Willenhall, has worked for the Trust for seven years and been a CSW on Ward 7 for six years. Emma, 32, lives in Bloxwich and has worked for the Trust since October 2021.

“We have both signed up to do it which is exciting!” said Sarah. “We saw it on one of the internal staff emails, advertising for a charity sky jump and she said ‘if you do it, I will’.

“I’ve always wanted to do a sky dive and, with it raising money for a good cause, I just thought it’s probably the best time to do it.”

It’s a tandem jump so Sarah and Emma will each be attached to the front of a fully qualified parachuting instructor, who will put them a training session before the flight and the jump.

“We’re told we’ll be reaching 120 mph for 40-50 seconds, then once the parachute is released, there will be approximately five minutes of gentle flying until we reach the ground,” added Sarah.

“The instructors who I’ll be tandem jumping with are all fully trained so I trust they know their stuff and I’ll receive training on the day of the jump anyway so I’m happy to just go for it.

“This is my first sky jump so I’m looking forward to it! I have done a bungee jump before and someone who has previously done both has said the bungee jump is scarier so that’s helped me feel slightly less nervous.

“I’m doing quite well so far with my sponsor forms but I’d love to be able to get £500 ideally.

The JustGiving links for the pair are here: Sarah-Want and Emma-Haldron.

Emma said: “I’ve always wanted to do this but was always overweight to do it, but now I have lost weight, I’m able to. Nothing will stop me!

“So, I’m excited to see I can do it for a good cause.

“Now it’s getting closer, I’m getting very nervous but the more money we keep raising for a good cause I know will be worth it. I just hope someone pushes me out the plane!

“I’ve never done a sky dive before and I’m hoping it’s very safe – I’m living life a bit on the edge!”

Both Sarah and Emma have had mixed reactions from their families but are being supported by their loved ones as the day draws closer.

Both colleagues chose Well Wishers to benefit as it’s part of the hospital they work at and it’s a home grown charity.

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