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Improving air quality for patients and staff

2022-04-19T17:13:07+01:00Tuesday 19 April 2022|

More than 100 new air purification devices have been installed at Walsall Manor Hospital which will benefit patients receiving treatment as well as staff working there.

GAMA healthcare delivered and installed them, with support and help from Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust’s Infection Prevention and Control (IPC), Estates and Facilities and Electrical and Biomedical Engineering (EBME) services. The Trust is one of the first in the country to purchase these to a large scale.

Rediair is an instant air purification device, providing clean air where and when needed while capturing particulates, odours and 99.995% of airborne pathogens. It provides an almost instant air purification solution for poorly ventilated spaces.

It has four different operating modes that begin to decontaminate the surrounding air, within seconds. While trapping particles and odours, Rediair was designed to capture airborne pathogens like bacteria, fungi and viral aerosols.

Along with other infection prevention interventions, improving indoor air quality is part of the Trust’s holistic approach to reduce the risk of transmission of respiratory pathogens. Ventilation is a really important measure to help protect patients, staff and visitors.

Head of Infection Prevention and Control, Amy Wallett, said:

“I am really pleased that we are one of the first Trust’s in the country to purchase these to a large scale to help protect our patients and staff. We have learnt a lot in the last two years during the pandemic and have increased our understanding of the importance of indoor air quality. This is fantastic progress and I feel really proud that we have implemented these devices here at Walsall.”

She added: “Delivery, assembling and installation of 134 devices in one day was no easy task. The teamwork displayed from our colleagues in Infection Prevention, Estates and Facilities, EBME and from the company was exceptional.

“Comments from staff have included ‘these are amazing’ and ‘I love that the Trust is doing this, makes me feel safer at work’ while comments from patients have included ‘I feel much more comfortable being in hospital having this near me’ and ‘wow that’s so quiet!’

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