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Dot’s bumper donation for Well Wishers

2022-04-05T15:30:34+01:00Thursday 10 February 2022|

There’s no chance of generous grandmother Dot Pasard losing her thread after she knitted dozens of items for Walsall Healthcare’s Well Wishers.

Dot, 81, spent an hour each way travelling on her mobility scooter from her home in Bloxwich to donate the woollen children’s clothes, combining her trip to the Manor with an appointment to check her pacemaker.

The widow brought in two large carrier bags crammed full of assorted cardigans, jumpers and tank tops of all colours.

And the former debt collector, bus conductor and bread delivery person explained: “I do it because I like knitting and it’s a pleasure to do something for others.

“I spend a lot of time knitting. I don’t get out much – especially in this weather – and it keeps me out of trouble! It gives kids something different to wear when they go out to play.”

And Dot, who has made numerous similar donations to Well Wishers, isn’t spinning a yarn when she revealed another good reason for giving to Well Wishers – Fundraising Manager Georgie Westley.

“I started donating because one time I came in, Georgie was so nice and I thought ‘anything she does must be good!’” she added.

Dot knows a bit about knitting, having started when her daughter, now 58, was born. She also has a son, 47, and a grandson, but her family aren’t the biggest fans of her hobby, while she doesn’t benefit herself either!

“My family won’t have anything I knit,” added Dot. “They will tell me ‘there’s a lovely one of those in M&S! And when you’ve knitted something yourself, you’re sick of it before you wear it!”

Dot has been donating the fruits of her hobby for several years and intends to continue knitting and doing her bit for charity.

“I stack it up then when I’ve got an appointment, I’ve got an excuse to drop the clothes off,” she said. “I love it and I’ll carry on for as I can.”

The items will add to the sizeable collection of knitted items on sale from £3 at Well Wishers, situated in the Atrium near the main entrance to the Manor Hospital.

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