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Timely support for Intensive Care Unit through Well Wishers

2022-04-05T15:39:22+01:00Friday 8 October 2021|
  • ICU clocks

A timely donation will benefit Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients who are experiencing delirium thanks to Walsall Healthcare’s Well Wishers charity.

Well Wishers has purchased special day and night clocks; one for each bay/room in the ICU.

Day and night clocks help to reduce patients’ delirium within the unit’s setting.

Delirium is a state of mental confusion that can happen if you become medically unwell. It can be frightening – not only for the person who is unwell but also for those around them.

These clocks will allow patients to differentiate between day and night which is something that’s so important as part of their recovery.

This is also vital to help with delirium within this specific unit as it is a very intense setting along with a lot of activity throughout a 24 hour period.

Senior Sister – Critical Care Rehabilitation, Xana Marriott said: “These clocks will be a massive help in the fight against delirium within the ICU setting and we feel extremely lucky to have received support from Well Wishers and of course the generous donations the charity receives from businesses and the community in order to support initiatives like this”.

Fundraising Manager Georgie Westley added: “The donations we receive help to fund items that most people probably wouldn’t even think of. That’s why we are always so grateful for any amount as it all adds up to helping us purchase items over and above what the NHS can afford and give that little bit more to help our patients experience and recovery.”

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