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Walsall vaccines for 16 and 17-year-olds underway 

2021-08-23T16:22:37+01:00Monday 23 August 2021|
  • Ammir had his jab today
  • Shardae had her jab today
  • Brandon had his jab today
  • Kayleigh had her jab today

Hundreds of 16 and 17-year-olds descended on Walsall’s Saddlers Vaccination Centre today to take up the chance to have the COVID-19 vaccination. 


They ranged from young people keen to return to “some sense of normality” to others who had lost loved ones to the virus. 


Walk-in appointments for this age group are available daily between 10am and 7pm.


Ammir, aged 17, was among the first to arrive today. 


He admitted he was nervous but said: “After seeing the statistics I know the likelihood of a severe reaction is low.” 


He added that he is keen to get to some sense of normality. 


Shardae said her mind was put at ease when she saw how many others had turned up for their vaccinations today. “If anyone is offered the vaccine, they should take it!” she said. 


Brendon wasn’t at all nervous and said the vaccination hadn’t hurt at all. 


Kayleigh, who suffers from asthma and has allergies, revealed she lost two loved ones to COVID-19 last year and said she finds it incredibly frustrating when people try to downplay the pandemic.  


She said: “If anyone is offered the vaccine, they should take it! The benefits of the vaccine will outweigh any potential side-affects and Covid is definitely much worse.” 


Caroline Whyte, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust’s Interim Deputy Director of Nursing, said it had been encouraging to see so many 16 and 17 year-olds attending for their vaccinations today. 


She added: “We know the potential benefits of vaccination in terms of reductions in hospitalisations and deaths in the population as well as preventing outbreaks in educational facilities.  By having the vaccine, they are really giving themselves the best possible chance of staying well and being able to return to enjoying all the things they love. 


“We’ve had a good turnout from 16 and 17-year-olds today and have spoken to some lovely young people. We hope they will spread the word to their friends and family as we all work together to minimise infection rates here in Walsall.” 


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