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Like, comment and cook!

2021-07-23T14:19:13+01:00Friday 23 July 2021|
  • Sabi

Clinical Site Practitioner Sabi Nair is giving everyone food for thought with her new YouTube cooking channel ‘Sobha’s Adukkala’.

Sabi, aged 58 started her cooking channel in March this year.

She posts videos of healthy recipes usually based on foods from her Indian heritage.

From yummy butter chicken to delicious lentil curry Sabi has a range of dishes to choose from incorporating fresh ingredients and lots of flavour!

The mum-of-two said: “I wanted to show people healthy recipes that they could make at home.

“During lockdown I have noticed a lot of people including my own family, friends and colleagues getting more takeaways than usual.

“Just like anything bad for you, if takeaways are not had in moderation they can lead to serious health issues such as type 2 diabetes and obesity.

“I want to help everyone make better choices. Healthy food can be delicious too.”

Sabi’s main hobby is cooking so doing this channel is fun for her as well as being equally rewarding.

Her colleagues in the Operations Centre (Bed Bureau) said: “We think it’s really good she’s doing this. It can help a lot of people as the recipes are easy to follow and we can’t wait to try them ourselves.”

You can check out all of Sabi’s recipes on this link here:

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