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Mum’s praise for midwives who “listened” to her

2021-04-06T12:54:39+01:00Tuesday 6 April 2021|
  • baby Ziggy arrived safely in hospital

“It was as though Rachel had swallowed the “How to be a perfect Midwife” text book – she was fantastic.”

Mother-of-three Channelle Nixon has praised the #RealMidwivesofWalsall who supported her induction of labour at the Manor Hospital after her home birth plans suddenly had to change following a reduction in her baby’s movements.

Channelle had had a previous poor birth experience at another hospital where she says “I just wasn’t listened to” and, understandably, felt very nervous about being advised to go to hospital.

She explained: “I had decided that due to previous experience I wanted as little intervention as possible and wanted everything as quiet and natural as possible – at home. I was heartbroken to not have my planned birth and scared to be induced as I really thought my birth plan would be out the window and was worried about a cascade of interventions and not being listened to. Add to this all the covid rules and it was a very scary time.

“But the midwives and staff on Primrose Ward and Delivery Suite who supported me were incredible.

“When I was admitted to Primrose I was looked after by Caroline, Jess and later Natalie. They all took the time to read my notes and birth plan and communicate with each other about the experiences I had had previously and made sure I felt empowered to make choices based on their advice. At no point did I feel under pressure or coerced but completely supported and listened to.

“When I was sent to delivery to have my waters broken I was looked after by Rachel. Rachel was unbelievable. Again she had read my original birth plan before she met me so knew what I had wanted and took the time to support me to create a birthing environment that would empower me to have the right birth on the day. She supported me to implement my hypnobirthing , created a fantastic birth space and respected me and my choices during birth completely. It was as though Rachel had swallowed the “How to be a perfect Midwife” text book – she was fantastic.”

Following the birth of Channelle’s son Ziggy at 6.02pm on Sunday 28 March, weighing 9 pounds and 2 ounces, she was looked after by Amy and two Maternity Support Workers Karen and Julie.

She said: “They worked tirelessly with me to try and establish breastfeeding for six hours going above and beyond and helping me stay calm and encouraged. When it was found he was tongue tied I was supported with how to feed him.

“A birth in hospital, on land, was not what I had planned at all but with the support of an incredible team of people who were unwaveringly compassionate and kind I had the right, safe birth on the day for me and my son. I wanted to name everyone who cared for me and highlight how well I was supported, along with my birth partner who was my husband Justin, so that they get the thanks they deserve and others choosing this career know what a difference it makes – not just on the day itself but for the weeks, months and years to come.”

Channelle, aged 34, who works for children’s services in Sandwell, is now enjoying family time at her Walsall home with baby Ziggy and his big sisters Noa, six, and Nellie, five.

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