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Make a date to see Ryan!

2021-03-12T15:08:40+00:00Saturday 13 March 2021|
  • Ryan Allsopp

A date can be nerve wracking enough but one of Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust’s employees went one step further by airing theirs on TV!

Electrical and Biomedical Engineering (EBME) Apprentice Ryan Allsopp has featured on E4’s “Teen First Dates”.

It is a teenage spin-off of the popular Channel 4 programme “First Dates”.

Just like in the main show, Fred, Merlin, Cici and Grant will be on hand – joined by some new faces – to guide the teens through their journey step by step, helping to build their confidence and create a memorable first dating experience.

When asked what made Ryan sign up to Teen First Dates he said:

“I originally saw a Facebook post where you could apply. I thought to myself why not plus I thought it would be a brilliant experience.

“When I did apply for it I never thought anything would actually come from it however, when it did I was over the moon but I had to go through a few Facetime auditions first!”

After he passed all the auditions and asked to officially take part the 19-year-old, from Wolverhampton, explained that he was “buzzing but also really nervous.”

When asked about his date Ryan said:

“I thought it went ok and they didn’t make me look too much of an idiot on TV! My mic kept falling off throughout the date so that was a pain, but I did manage to get an NHS discount for my meal in the restaurant!

“I also met all the First dates TV stars: Fred, Merlin, Grant and all the waiters and waitresses you see on the show”.

He described his whole experience as “brilliant” and added:

“I had a free private taxi up to Manchester, spent two free nights in a five star hotel with a group of lads who were also going on dates on the show. All expenses were paid for and they matched me with a nice girl.”

See if Ryan’s date had a happy ending on Monday 15 March at 10pm on E4.

It is also available on the streaming service ‘ALL4 catch up’ – under the title “teen first dates” and is episode four.

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