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Walsall diabetics helping vital Covid-19 research

2020-12-23T15:36:45+00:00Wednesday 23 December 2020|
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Walsall patients are playing their part in trying to improve outcomes for diabetics hospitalised with confirmed or suspected Covid-19.

They are taking part in the Arcadia research trial which assesses the safety and efficacy of a novel drug AZD1656 to alleviate cardiorespiratory complications in diabetic patients.

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust has recruited a total of five patients to the study and put itself on the national map by recruiting the second patient for the whole study across all the sites supporting this vital work.

The principal Investigator (PI) for the Arcadia study at the trust is Dr Krishnasamy Senthil-Kumar with Sub PI Dr Yousuf Quratulain. It is being supported by Walsall Healthcare’s Lead Diabetic Nurse Karen Gnosill and Research and Development nurses Poonam Ranga and Marie Phipps.

Dr Marie Lewis, Walsall Healthcare’s Associate Director for Research and Professional Development , said: “This study is particularly important for Walsall communities due to the prevalence of patients with diabetes in the borough and we’re really pleased that people have come forward to be a part of such vital work.

“As well as diabetes and research and development colleagues, laboratories and Pharmacy are also involved which makes it a truly collaborative team process. The trial will determine whether this oral drug improves clinical outcomes via increased glucose control and a potential effect on the immune system.

“If successful, it will be an important step towards a new treatment for people with diabetes who are hospitalised with confirmed or suspected Covid-19.”

She added: “Research is an essential element of healthcare services as it helps us get that much closer towards treatment or prevention.

“So many Walsall patients and staff have made history this last couple of weeks by being among the first to have their covid-19 vaccine and it is only because people have been willing to support research and trials that they have been able to do so. Thank you to everyone who has stepped up to support Covid-19 research this year; helping us all towards a better understanding and a better resilience.”

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