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More comfort for mums-to-be

2020-07-10T12:37:14+01:00Friday 10 July 2020|
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A new, improved maternity triage waiting area for mums-to-be has been created at Walsall Manor Hospital.

The old triage waiting area was situated in the corridor by the entrance doors into Maternity Services and women had described it as “too hot, with no windows and nowhere to really sit properly”.

Now from mums-to-be and Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust staff alike have praised the improved environment.

Maternity Inpatient Matron Carol Hollington said reaction has been “positive.”

“Women and our own staff say they love the area as it is now spacious and looks fresh.

“It is a more comfortable area for women to wait for review and assessment. They can also help themselves to ice and water from the new water machine and more importantly won’t feel like they are “in the way” in the corridor now.

“Our staff feel much happier that they are able to seat women in a space which is more private and comfortable. And it is easier to ensure social distancing too. We want the experience our mothers-to-be have with us to be a more relaxing and comfortable one”.

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