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A fundraising family affair

2020-05-29T17:43:45+01:00Friday 29 May 2020|

Mums whose babies are being cared for in the Maternity and Neonatal Units at Walsall Manor Hospital will benefit from the fabulous efforts of a fundraising family.

Sean Davenport whose partner Kate Horton is Matron for Walsall Healthcare’s Community Midwives, Midwifery-Led Unit and Antenatal Clinic, teamed up with his daughters Siana and Colleen to crowd fund for five new breast pumps

Hazel Brookes, Specialist Midwife for Infant Feeding, said: “We’re so grateful for this donation to enable us to support mums to express their breast milk when their babies are either in our Maternity Unit or being cared for in our Neonatal Unit. In the Neonatal Unit particularly mums want to be supported to be able to give their milk to their babies to really feel part of the care that is being given to help their baby become well enough to go home.”

The company Siana works for donated three iPads, as well as 800 uniform bags for staff.

The iPads will help parents stay connected with their baby via photo and video messages during the Covid-19 pandemic while visiting restrictions are in place.”

Siana said: “We wanted to support maternity services and know that these are difficult times for parents. People have been very generous and we want to thank them for helping us raise enough money to be able to buy these items.”

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