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Patients toast VE Day anniversary

2020-05-08T16:51:27+01:00Friday 8 May 2020|

Patients on Ward 2 were able to toast the 75th anniversary of VE Day today, which marked the end of fighting in Europe, after staff organised a party.

The Walsall Manor Hospital ward is usually well-known for its parties which are enjoyed by its elderly patients throughout the year but the COVID-19 pandemic meant a much quieter affair today.

Aaron Bate, Ward Manager, said: “We have some COVID-19 patients on the ward and a bay where the patients do not have the virus so we’ve held individual little sing songs and celebrations as appropriate to ensure infection prevention rules have been followed.

“Patients have been able to enjoy a shandy or a VE Day cocktail, we’ve had some cakes, and a lot of singing. But the real treat has been a visit from Winston Churchill! Patients have really enjoyed themselves and we’re so pleased we’ve been able to give them a nice afternoon on this very important day.”


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