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A big thank you from Reggie-Ray

2019-12-20T18:23:07+00:00Friday 20 December 2019|
  • Reggie-Ray and mum with toys

A grateful Bloxwich mum whose son has been “in and out of Walsall Manor Hospital” has donated bagfuls of toys to the Children’s Ward.

Leia Rowbotham’s four-year-old son Reggie-Ray Greenfield has recently been diagnosed with epilepsy but prior to this had meningitis.

“I’ve been in and out of the hospital with him that many times that the staff know Reggie really well and they’ve always been so kind and caring that I just wanted to do something in return,” said Leia.

“When we’ve been in we’ve seen that some toys have bits missing or are broken so we’ve bought things suitable for babies, three to four-year-old and eight and nine-year-olds.

“Reggie’s seizures started when he was just a year old and he has been really poorly at times while they’ve tried to work out what’s going on. He’s on medication now and we’re hoping everything will settle down.”

Reggie came into the hospital to hand over toys with his friend RJ Jones, also four, and Ward 21 Assistant Play Specialist Jo Plank collected the goodies.

“This is really kind and I know our patients will love the toys that this lovely family have bought in,” she said.

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