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Ex Goodyear workers’ gift to Walsall stroke patients

2019-10-23T13:17:22+01:00Wednesday 23 October 2019|
  • Stroke Rehab Unit staff with one of the new chairs

Stroke patients at Walsall Manor Hospital have been given a rehabilitation boost thanks to former workers from the Goodyear tyre plant and a persistent Clinical Support Worker!

Two specialist chairs have been donated to the hospital’s Stroke Rehabilitation Unit – funded by donations from the factory’s 5/344 Transport and General Workers Union Benevolent Fund

The chairs, which cost just under £5,000, are used as part of patients’ rehabilitation; they offer neck support and can be positioned to relieve pressure.

Clinical Support Worker on the unit, Maria Davis, appealed to benevolent fund chairman Cyril Barrett to consider purchasing the chairs as she knows the valuable part they can help play in a patient’s recovery. And her persistence paid off when the trustees agreed to make this one of the charity projects it supports.

Maria said: “I’m not sure if I became a nuisance to be honest but I really wanted to get across how important the chairs are for our unit and I’m so pleased we’ve been able to receive two. Thank you to all those who have raised the money and helped stroke patients with their generosity.”

The Goodyear factory closed in 2016 and the benevolent fund was created out of what was the workers’ sick pay fund.

Cyril added: “Coming on to the unit and talking to staff and seeing the patients it’s clear how the chairs are much needed and will make a big difference to people’s recovery.

“We have funded over 100 projects, all funded by the ex members of the 5/344 Transport and General Workers Union Benevolent fund, creating a proud living legacy in Wolverhampton and the Black Country.“

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