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We like driving in our cars!

2019-01-30T13:51:37+00:00Tuesday 29 January 2019|
  • Toy car donation to children's ward

Young patients on the children’s ward at Walsall Manor Hospital are arriving for their operations in style – behind the wheel of a motorised Mini, Audi and Ferrari or a push along Fiat 500 for our smaller children.

The cars have been donated to Ward 21 by Arran Bailey from ALB Group, and Harry Whyte from HBW who are working on Walsall’s Tameway Tower currently and always make donations to worthy causes in whichever area they’re working in.

The cars are proving a real hit with children who can’t wait to get into the driving seat and hit the road to Theatres.

Mahira Waseem, aged three, was on her way to have her tonsils removed when she was given the opportunity to take a ride in our new set of wheels.

Mum Sumaiyyah said: “What a lovely surprise. It’s definitely helped to ease our anxiety as she heads off for surgery.”

Ember Jones, aged three, was also having her tonsils removed when she got behind the wheel of the Mini to make her trip to theatre.

“Red’s my favourite colour,” she said.

Mum Sarah added: “This is a great idea – she’s so lively that anything that calms her down a bit before the operation is a good thing!”

Angel Wainwright, aged four, has been on the children’s ward with a chest infection for a few days now, but being able to whizz around the ward has most certainly helped to beat the boredom while recovering.

Mum Emma said: “She’s really good at driving the car – it’s lovely to see her having a bit of fun. You don’t expect it to be the case when you’re in hospital.”

Georgie Westley, Fundraising Manager said: “What a brilliant donation for the ward and for the children.

“A big thank you to Arran and Harry for supporting the hospital. By making a donation they are also supporting the hospital’s Well Wishers charity and it’s great to work with local partners to provide things over and above what the NHS can provide.”

Angela Kelly, Play Specialist said: “The children absolutely love these cars! We’ve taken a few children to theatre already and it’s been fun for both them and their families.

“Toys like this are part of the distraction before heading off to surgery and it really has put smiles on their faces.

“Those children not needing surgery have also been able to play with the cars – it’s been great to watch them have fun and take a break from being poorly. I can’t thank the gentlemen enough for their kind donation.”

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