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Heena’s ready for her Christmas shift

2018-12-22T07:39:35+00:00Saturday 22 December 2018|
  • Lead pharmacist Heena is working at Christmas

Lead Pharmacist Heena will be on duty this Christmas day providing medication for patients admitted to the Manor Hospital.

Heena has worked for Walsall Healthcare for nine years and says that the Pharmacy department used to operate an on call rota for the festive period but in the last couple of years has changed this in favour of having colleagues on site.

“I have worked on call for previous Christmases but this is my first Christmas day shift in the hospital,” she said.

“As well as supporting the medication needs of new patients we’ll be here for any prescriptions of new drugs for those patients whose treatment may be changed by our doctors. And we’ll also be supporting the discharge of patients going home not only on Christmas day but Boxing day and beyond so we can help them return home as quickly as possible.

“I don’t mind working on Christmas day at all – our priority is our patients and let’s face it, they really don’t want to be in hospital on Christmas day!

“I will go round to my grandma’s when I finish work and have a lovely meal then so I won’t miss out at all.”

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