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Phil’s making good progress

2018-11-06T17:00:08+00:00Tuesday 6 November 2018|
  • Phil now does his own washing up

As part of Occupational Health Week we’re sharing case studies of patients who have been supported by our staff. Here’s Phil’s story.

Phil was admitted to Walsall Manor Hospital in May this year and wasn’t discharged until July.

The 63-year-old, who has a Learning Disability, remembers feeling “really poorly” and when he came home he wasn’t eating well and struggled to manage.

His sister Wendy was really worried about him. “I could see him just going downhill again and it was obvious he wasn’t coping well at all.”

Occupational Therapist Natalie Wilkes has been supporting Phil; helping him to gain confidence and become more mobile. And she has arranged for him to temporarily move into an intermediate care rehab bed in extra care housing which has seen his health and wellbeing improve greatly.

Phil said: “I do my own washing and washing up and Natalie helped me to start with. I can do it myself now. I like it here and feel better than when I came out the hospital.

“I’m eating properly now – I love the cheese and potato pie and the cottage pie. People are friendly here, we can have a laugh. I like watching The Chase and Tipping Point on TV.”

Wendy added: “He is a different person now. He’s really happy. We’re trying to build up to going for a walk outside, to the shop because he isn’t that confident. Natalie has been great and really helped him.”

Natalie said seeing Phil’s progress was really rewarding for her.

“Phil was referred to us through our discharge to assess team. When he came out of hospital he had a nasojejunal tube for feeding and when he was at home he didn’t manage very well. He wasn’t eating well and this obviously had an impact on his health and he deteriorated.

“Seeing him now is fantastic because he’s so happy and thriving. It has been lovely supporting him and seeing how his sister has also been affected as she was so worried about him before.”

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