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Charity focus on stroke service for Walsall patients

2018-10-04T21:27:53+01:00Thursday 4 October 2018|
  • Launching our exciting new charity partnership

Development of stroke rehabilitation in Walsall to make it one of the best services in the country has been chosen as the project to benefit from a year-long partnership between Walsall Healthcare’s Well Wishers charity and the Saddlers Shopping Centre.

The charity and shopping centre have joined forces for a fundraising 12 months and asked shoppers and the public to vote on one of three worthy causes. They were:

Refurbish the family bereavement rooms on Delivery Suite.

These rooms are very dated now and this has been recognised by bereaved parents and their families using the service. Bereavement Services want to make rooms comforting and inviting, allowing parents and family members to feel like they are in the comfort of their own home and that they can use the room until emotionally ready to go home. The refurbishment would include the purchase of a movable double bed and paint and furnishings to make the room homely and comfortable.

Develop stroke rehabilitation to make it one of the best services in the country.

The money raised will make the environment an inviting place for patients and their families with any money left going towards various initiatives. As a team we are really excited about the prospect of what this can mean for Walsall and stroke recovery. With guidelines saying that rehabilitation should be for several hours a day rather than just the 45 minutes previously aimed for, we need funds to purchase items to be able to provide this. We need small items such as games/crafts/gardening equipment and larger items for upper limb therapy/lower limb therapy. We also need sensory items for those who have suffered a sensory loss stroke and more cognitive equipment. The possibilities are endless.

Creation of End of Life side rooms on wards.

These will be based on facilities similar to a hospice with ambient lighting, comfortable furniture, TV, pictures, fridges for drinks for family and patients and decorated appropriately.
Evidence from feedback and bereavement questionnaires we have carried out have shown how important this is to our patients and their families and this would enhance the experience of End of Life patients and their loved ones.

And the winner was….stroke rehabilitation.

Georgie Westley, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust NHS Trust Fundraising Manager, said: “Thank you to all the shoppers and members of the public who voted for the Trust project they feel should benefit from our year-long charity partnership with the Saddlers Shopping Centre.

“All three were worthy causes and focused on items above and beyond what the NHS can provide.

“Over the next 12 months we’ll be joining in with Saddlers Centre events, hosting our own stands there and making the most of donations received to help us raise funds for small items such as games/crafts/gardening equipment and larger items for upper limb therapy/lower limb therapy for stroke rehabilitation. We also need sensory items for those who have suffered a sensory loss stroke.

“We look forward to working with the centre and Walsall communities.”

Saddlers Shopping Centre manager Melvin Glasby said: “I have to admit that this was an appeal very close to my heart as I am a stroke survivor. I know just how valuable rehabilitation and support is in the aftermath of a stroke and how the staff who work in this field are instrumental in helping patients get their lives back.

“I’m so pleased that our year-long focus will help other stroke survivors.”

Lianne Sealey, Associate Team Leader/Advanced Occupational Therapist for Walsall Healthcare’s Stroke Service added: “The team are feeling incredibly excited about being a part of the next big Well Wishers fundraising appeal.

“This really is an opportunity for the service to be recognised, and while we’re already working at a good standard, we know that additional resources would really make us excel.

“At some point the service will be moving out into the community and we want to ensure that our rehabilitation unit is a centre of excellence. This can start with big items such as ‘tilting’ chairs that enable comfort for patients while sitting and support with mobility, to smaller items such as jigsaws and games that can be loaned out to patients in their homes encouraging them to push themselves both mentally and physically even without a therapist present.

“At the moment our patients are supported in rehabilitation for 45 minutes a day but we want to empower them to be doing this 24/7 while in recovery. We hope that the funds will allow us to organise social groups that encourage this; whether it’s gardening or craft work – it’s important to offer activities that encourage both movement and interaction.”

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