ReSPECT stands for Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment.

It is a national process established by the Resuscitation Council and is increasingly being adopted within health and care communities around the UK.

The ReSPECT process creates personalised recommendations for clinical care in an emergency situation when a person is not able to make decisions or express their wishes.

Anyone can create a plan but it is most relevant for people who have complex health needs, people who are likely to be nearing the end of their lives and people who are at risk of sudden deterioration or cardiac arrest.

The plan is written on a ReSPECT form following a conversation between a person and a health care professional to understand what matters to them and what is realistic in terms of their care and treatment. There may also be discussions with family members to try and determine patient wishes if needed.

Patient preferences and clinical recommendations are recorded on a non-legally binding form which can be reviewed and adapted if circumstances change