The School Nurse is the first person you may wish to speak to for confidential advice and information about your health.

The nurse can work with you to keep you healthy throughout your school years, to help you reach your full potential and make informed healthy lifestyle choices. School Nurses can give you lots of advice and information about a range of different health issues. If they cannot help you they will find someone that can. No problem is too BIG or too small.

School nursing provides a confidential service. This means that you can discuss any personal information in confidence. The service will not discuss your information with anyone else without your permission, this includes parents, pupils and teachers.  However, if you disclose that you or someone else under the age of 18 years old has been or is being harmed in any way; this may need to be shared with the relevant agencies. This will always be discussed with you before it happens.

Your School Nurse works in a team and other health professionals including staff nurses, support workers and school nurse assistants work as part of that team and you may meet other members of the team who can help you.

Did you know you can text your School Nurse?

Your School Nurse has a text service called ‘ChatHealth’. This is a safe and confidential service. You can text a School Nurse and ask for advice and information about any health concern that you have. You do not have to tell the School Nurse your name. Send your text to 07480 635 363. You can find out more about the text service on our HealthforTeens website

Do you prefer to find out about health issues online?

You can safely search for health information online by using the School Nurse website. This website has been designed by young people for young people and has information about lots of health issues. The Health for Teens website is a website that you can trust.

Did you know…

The service has trained nurses who used to work in the hospital and choose to take on a specialist role looking after children and young people’s health and well-being.

What does the School Nurse do?

  • Be someone to talk to confidentially.
  • Can help you find the right health services.
  • Advise you on healthy lifestyle choices – sexual health, puberty, healthy eating, smoking, drugs and alcohol, keeping safe.
  • Take measurements of your height and weight
  • Support teachers with health education.
  • Provide advice on long-term health conditions.
  • Can help to improve your emotional health and offer support with – bullying, feeling angry and upset, friends and relationships, and exam stress.