Paediatric Physiotherapy (Community)

The Paediatric Physiotherapy service provides specialist physiotherapy assessment, intervention, advice and guidance for children and their families where there is delay in attaining gross motor skills (e.g. late sitting and walking) due to a variety of reasons.

The multi-agency, community-based team provides support and education on physiotherapy issues and aims to minimise physical disabilities and maximise physical abilities and independence.

Services are provided to children aged 0-18 years with neuro-developmental conditions such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, neurological syndromes, chromosome disorders, developmental delay, toe walking and gait anomalies.

Orthotics, if required, can be provided to children who are known to the service.

The service operates Monday to Friday 8am – 4.30pm.

Paediatric Physiotherapy Department
Walsall Child Development Centre
Coalheath Lane

The service is based at the Walsall Child Development Centre (CDC) but can be delivered in a variety of settings such as the home, clinics, childcare centres or nurseries and schools. Initial assessments usually take place at the CDC or at a local clinic/children’s centre if available.

Service leads

Uta Wilkinson – Paediatric Physiotherapist

Rebecca Logan – Paediatric Physiotherapist

01922 605810

All children who have previously been referred to the service can request to be seen again within two years of discharge but only for the same reason as the original referral.

For re-referral to the service the parents/carer should contact the department on 01922 605810 stating the reason for their concern.

New referrals can be made directly to the department and are accepted from:

  • The child’s GP, consultant, paediatrician, or school doctor
  • Team Around The Child for children under 5 requiring two or more services
  • A physiotherapist
  • Podiatry
  • Paediatric Occupational Therapy service
  • Health visiting, school health, and community children’s nursing services from staff who have undertaken the physiotherapy referrals training

The referral form can be posted to the service or emailed to

Referrals for respiratory issues, neonatal follow-ups, acute injuries and musculoskeletal problems are seen by the Acute Paediatric Team based at Walsall Manor Hospital, hospital route 106.