Your appointment

Once we have received your referral our administration team will ensure that you are seen as soon as possible.

There are various waiting lists depending on what procedure you are having and the reason why the procedure has been requested. All of our requests are checked by our consultants and nursing staff to ensure that you are seen within an appropriate amount of time and that the referral is accurate and necessary.

We will send you an appointment through the post with all of our contact details and an appointment date and time. When you receive this letter we will also send you any instructions that you need to follow before the test, an information leaflet about your specific procedure, a consent form, a map of the hospital grounds and local area, and any bowel preparation that you may need to take (and instructions on how to take them).

If the appointment that you have been given is not suitable for you or you wish to cancel an appointment, please contact our admin team on 01922 656217. As we offer a wide range of different services on our department we are always in high demand. Therefore every appointment slot is very important, if you are unable to attend your given appointment for any reason, please let us know directly so that we are able to rearrange your appointment and this slot may be given to another patient. If you do not attend (DNA) without informing us we may contact your doctor and this may mean that you are discharged from our care.